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The Extension Experience

At Haven Beauty Studio

Weather you are looking to add fullness, volume, length or even added colour, our stylists have created a collection of extension methods and techniques to help you get the hair of your dreams!

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An in person consultation is required before booking any extension services.  During the consultation your stylist will discuss what your hair goals are (like desired length, density and colour),  what is needed for at home maintenance, the cost of the hair and in salon maintenance appointments.  Before you leave your stylist will order your hair and book your installation appointment!



Your extensions will have to be moved up or reinstalled every 4-8 weeks depending on  your home care, speed of hair growth, your natural texture, and personal lifestyle.

Most maintenance appointments average the same amount of time as your initial installation appointment.

With proper care and the use of the right products, your new hair can be expected to last about 6 - 12 months on average, and depending on the methods used, you can replace hair intermittently throughout the year.


The price will depend on the method used and the end result you are looking for.  The average cost of the first appointment ranges between $500-$2000.  This includes the hair, installation cost and at home maintenance products.  Your stylist will be able to give you a price at the consultation. 

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