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Alissa Dunford

Mani.Pedi.Nail Art

Hello! Welcome to my corner of the world—I'm thrilled you're here and excited about connecting with you through shared laughs and stunning nails!

My name is Alissa, and I am the nail technician at Haven Beauty Studio here in Sunderland, Ontario. Joining the Haven family in 2020 brought me immense joy, and I've cherished every moment of growth with them since. While I hold double certifications, my eagerness to learn more about my industry knows no bounds. Education is an ongoing journey for me, encompassing new products, unique techniques, and emerging trends—I'm here for all of it!

Beyond my professional life, I have a love for learning in general, and audiobooks play a significant role in my life. When I'm not at the salon, you'll find me indulging in my favorite hobby—cleaning! (Yes, really). I also enjoy painting, hikes, and anything related to beauty, such as makeup or fashion.

Though time outside of work is important, Haven is my home. Connecting with my clients is an incredibly rewarding experience that goes beyond professional service; it's about building genuine relationships, sharing stories, and creating a welcoming space where laughter and trust flourish. Whether we're sharing laughs, tears, struggles, or victories, the salon is a safe space where you can unload everything on your mind (what happens in the salon stays in the salon). My goal is for every client to leave with a light heart, clear mind, and beautiful nails.

Even though I love nail art and am always up for a challenge, the health and happiness of your nails are my top priorities. I specialize in helping clients grow out their nails to their ideal length while maintaining their strength. I can’t wait to see where your nail journey takes you!

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