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Texture Transformations

Hair Botox
Traditional & Modern Perms

We are pleased to offer various texture services to help tame or enhance your natural hair.

Whether you are looking to shorten your styling time, tame frizz, or reduce unwanted volume, we have a solution to your problem.

Hair Botox

Standard service

(suitable for guests with shoulder-length hair or shorter)

A fully customizable treatment to keep & define your curls, or go for a smooth & sleek look. Great for all hair types that want to improve the condition of their hair by reducing frizz & smoothing their cuticle. Results last 12-20 weeks with proper aftercare. 2.5hr appointment


Hair Botox 

Extended service

(suitable for guests with hair past their shoulders or with extra thick hair.) 

Same great results as our standard hair botox treatment but for those lengths and thicknesses take a little extra

time & product to get them perfect. 3hr appointment


Hair Botox Express

This express service provides excellent repair and conditioning properties, resulting in immediately visibly softer & silkier hair. It helps eliminate frizz, blocks humidity, increases manageability, and leaves the hair noticeably softer with luminous shine.  All in an hour-long service.  Results last 3-4 weeks


Classic Perms

Classic perms are still the industry standard to achieve a long-lasting, true to rod size perm.  From rocker mullets, spiral perms, body perms and yes, your grandma's perm, this type of perm works well for anyone who wants to hit up the classics. 

Results usually last 2-6months depending on the length of hair, curl tightness and aftercare.

2.5 hr appointment


Modern Perms

Not your Grandmas perm

With modern curl sets and the newest in perming technology, we can give you that beachy look you have been wanting.  Looking for wash and go hair with volume and texture?  This is the service for you! 

Results last 2-6 months depending on the hair type, length and tightness of the curl as well as the aftercare.  1-3hour service


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