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Natalya Metcalfe

Sugaring. Makeup. Nails

Hello!  My name is Natalya but you can call me Nat.   

I have bee providing sugaring services since 2019 and have recently joined the team at Haven.

I started sugaring because I couldn't find anyone in area that offers it and have loved it since 2014 when I did my first Brazilian. I have a passion for personal skin care and fashion, which is really common among Russian women.  Yep, I am from Russia!  I came to Canada in 2017 from Kazakhstan, so its not too shocking that my native language is actually Russian.

I am a huge hockey lover and car buff. I actually play hockey with Emma and many other fellow hockey lovers in Brock. When I am not at the spa, playing hockey or taking course to learn new services, you will find me with my husband and daughter enjoying our family time. 

I enjoy all of the clients have had the opportunity to meet so far and can't wait to meet you too! 

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