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Courtney Burghgraef

Grey Coverage.Vivids.Extensions


Courtney here, the owner of Haven Beauty Studio. I'm just going to go ahead and answer the most asked question, what made you decide to open up a salon here?  Well, first off, I was born and raised in Sunderland. The community is very close to my heart and is my home.   I moved away for a few years and came right back! It is such  great place to raise kids and seeing as I have 4 of them (I know, crazy right?), I figured living in the community I grew up in would be a big help for me and my hubby, and truth be told, it is!

I have been behind the chair for almost 20 years now (yep that makes me old, and wise, but old), and have had the chance to take advanced classes with world-renowned educators throughout my career.  No matter what new technique I learn, my favourite part of doing hair is the relationship between me and my guest.  The conversations are always the best and I love hearing it all, and nothing is too TMI or deep.  I want to hear your wins and your losses, and we can celebrate or plot your revenge (just kidding on the revenge).


I would love to have you in my chair and get to know you better while we touch up those greys or make you a mermaid. 

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