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Women in Bodysuit

A full circle skincare experience


The best part?  Nat, our sugaring expert, is a trained Alexandria professional who practises their Full Circle of Skin Conditioning Program. A skin enhancement and improvement program that is a proven effective regime used for all skin types and colours to help with hair refinement and diminishment, as well as improving the overall condition of the skin.  

Ready to leave your razor and waxing days behind you? 
Here are our most popular sugaring appointments.

Way, more than your basic hair removal...

We all want to get rid of those pesky hairs that grow in the places we don't want them to.   Razors are quick and easy, but the hair grows back so quickly!  Not to mention razor burn, nicks, ingrown hairs and the difficulty of shaving those hard-to-reach places. 




 A lot of people ask us what the difference is between waxing and sugaring, it's all in the details.  Sugaring paste is made from all-natural ingredients, unlike wax products that can contain ingredients like petroleum-based resins and chemicals.  It is so natural it is edible! 

The paste is kept at body temperature, so there is never a risk of burning the skin.    Sugaring paste only adheres to the hair and dead skin cells.  So you will get a gentle exfoliation along with your hair removal.  

The sugar paste is applied against the hair growth which allows the paste to seep into the follicle, giving more lubrication for the hair to be removed.  The paste is removed in the same direction as the hair growth ensuring a more effective hair removal, prevention of ingrown hairs, and a more comfortable experience all around. 

Let us introduce you to the world of sugaring.

White Swimwear
Removes the hair that would be visible outside the panty line as well as down the inside of the leg a cheeks

Extended Bikini
Extends further into the sides of the bikini line and shapes the top. Great for those who still want to leave some hair, while still looking nice and neat!

Removal of all hair front to back.

Brazilian New Guest

We like a little extra time for our new guests so they can have the best experience possible (please make sure to book this if you are a new guest).




Heather S.

I just experienced Natalie's sugaring and it was amazing from start to finish!  I was nervous that it would hurt as my only prior experience was waxing (ouch!), however, this whole sugaring session was pain-free! my skin is so smooth, and the spa treatments given after the hair removal felt so luxurious!  Just the pampering I needed!  I would definitely do sugaring again, it was great! Thank you!

Sylvia P.

Nat was so welcoming and explained the whole process.  As a newcomer to sugaring, she answered all my questions and made it a comfortable experience.  My skin feels healthier and I don't miss shaving at all!  Looking forward to my next appointment.

Stepanie P

Highly recommend Nat for sugaring!  She goes above and beyond, making sure her clients feel comfortable and relaxed, and explains every step she is doing.  It's easy to tell she has done her research for sugaring and skincare!  Nat has helped my skin so much and I am so glad I have found her!

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